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Sweating from being too hot is uncomfortable, while shivering from the cold is equally bothersome- the temperature inside your vehicle can really make a difference in your driving experience. Ensure your AC relay and heat relay are always working properly by replacing them with quality products from AutoZone.

Climate control relays can separate your vehicle's ability to handle a fun road trip or just serve annoying daily driving. Faulty control relays also fail to operate your radiator cooling fan, A/C compressor, blower motor and more- leading to more serious issues than just your comfort. Relays transfer the signal from the button you push inside your vehicle into the mechanical action needed to stimulate the desired system. Many issues can spring from having a nonfunctioning relay, making your time behind the wheel unpleasant and potentially expensive. Luckily, AutoZone makes it easy to find the right parts you need for your repair job.

Whether your job calls for an air conditioning relay for Chevy Blazer, or a Honda Civic AC relay, we have every product for your specific make and model. Plus, save more by using Same Day Store Pickup to get your parts today, or receive Free Shipping option.