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Nothing brings you back to your first old school ride like when your locks or electronic seat adjustments don't work. This could be due to faulty interior relays rather than the system itself. If it's time to replace an interior relay, AutoZone has the solution you need with our wide variety of interior relays.

Automatic accessories in our vehicles are something we often take for granted, and when they break we them fixed immediately. Interior relays help every accessory within your vehicle function. So, when your interior relay goes bad turn to AutoZone for the quick fix to have all your automatic accessories working again in no time. Whether you need a new anti-theft relay, convertible top relay, sunroof relay or any relay in between, AutoZone has you covered.

We also understand that every car, truck and SUV is unique and that's why we stock a wide variety of relays for your specific year, make and model. Whether you require a new Dodge Ram interior relay, a new car relay for Jetta or anything else, AutoZone has it for you. Plus, you can save with our Free Shipping option. Or, utilize Same Day Store Pickup to get started on your repair project today.