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The seats and steering mechanisms within your vehicle are two parts you interact with the most. Both need to be in top-condition to receive high performance and maximum comfort from your ride. So, when it's time to replace anything related to your seats or steering, AutoZone has the solution.

Imagine sliding into your leather driver's seat on a cold winter day - it's likely you'll reach for your seat heater first. However, if the heater doesn't turn on, you may have an uncomfortable commute. While car parts like power adjust buttons and heaters are an added convenience, your car horn, turn signal and seat adjustments provide safety and functionality you shouldn't drive without. Just like any performance part, these components wear and break overtime with use. To ensure you and your passengers are safe and can enjoy your driving experience, AutoZone stocks the right replacement seat and steering products for your vehicle.

We understand not every car, truck and SUV can utilize the same seat and steering components. That's why we stock custom-fit products for your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new Chevy Malibu horn, turn signal for Jetta, or anything in between, AutoZone has you covered. Plus, take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to start your repair today.