If your headlights are burnt out or going dim, the bulbs aren't necessarily to blame. Though this problem could originate in multiple different spots, check out your headlight socket for corrosion or wear and tear. If it's time to replace your headlight socket or tail light socket, turn to AutoZone for the best sockets available.

Many small components make up your vehicle, and it's imperative to maintain every part. Your headlight socket and tail light socket should be checked often for corrosion from the elements. Not only do you headlights help you see the road ahead, but your tail lights also help other drivers see you. When your lights go out, turn to AutoZone for a quick replacement socket. Your way can be illuminated for miles to come with our fresh, high-quality sockets.

Your car is unique, and requires specific sockets for your lights to function - which is why AutoZone stocks custom-designed sockets for your year, make and model. Whether you need a new Ford Ranger headlight socket or a headlight socket for Jetta, AutoZone has the right product for the job.