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Keep your vehicle's emissions in check with maintenance to the exhaust system. The catalytic converter and mufflers help your vehicle exhaust cleaner emissions while maintaining more engine power. Here at AutoZone we have what it takes to keep your car efficient so it can rev like a mean and clean driving machine.

Your engine generates a lot of power and a lot of waste. Internal combustion engines are left to dispose of the gases left behind by fuel combustion, but luckily for us they are not left alone. On the way from the engine cylinders and the exhaust manifold to the tips of the exhaust pipes, exhaust passes through the catalytic converter and the mufflers.

These gases reach the catalytic converter, or the cat converter, first. Inside, they pass through honeycomb meshes that are coated with a catalyst, a mixture of platinum and palladium, which causes a reaction that converts 90% of dangerous gases into safe ones. Nitrogen oxides are broken down to nitrogen and oxygen, carbon monoxide is converted to carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons are split into carbon dioxide and water. These safer gases then move through the cat converter before continuing on with the exhaust flow.

Just like the catalytic converter gets rid of unwanted gases, the muffler gets rid of unwanted noise. Exhaust continues from the cat converter to the mufflers, and then through a perforated tube in the muffler. High frequency sounds pass through these perforations and are trapped in baffling chambers while the exhaust escapes. This helps minimize your car's exhaust noise.

Some people want more noise. While a muffler quiets your car's exhaust system, an exhaust resonator can make it louder. But that's not all that resonators do. The resonator works like an echo chamber for your exhaust before it reaches the muffler. The exhaust noise is bounced around, removing excess high frequencies to create a more pleasant, aggressive, and deeper exhaust sound.

Deteriorating fuel economy could be a sign of a bad catalytic converter or other exhaust component. Faulty catalytic converters can trap exhaust in front of the catalyst, which can stall your engine. Replace a bad catalytic converter or muffler, and decrease emissions for a better driving experience.

Reduce your carbon footprint while boosting your vehicle's efficiency with one of AutoZone's new catalytic converters and mufflers. If you're worried about how to find the right catalytic converter for your car, worry no more. We make it easy by letting you shop for your exact vehicle. If you need a Nissan Altima catalytic converter, just enter your Altima's year, make, model, and engine above to find the right part for you.

Low MPG, loud noises, and pungent smells can indicate that you have a bad muffler on your vehicle. Get more performance, quiet, and comfort with a new muffler from AutoZone. Our parts are engineered to specifically meet the needs of your vehicle's make and model. So, if you need a Honda Civic muffler, or mufflers for any other major vehicle, you can order them today from AutoZone¿no problem.

Get your parts quickly with next day delivery or same day in-store pick up. While you're at your local AutoZone, ask about our Loan-A-Tool Program to ensure you have all the right tools to perform your catalytic converter and muffler repair jobs quickly.