Your exhaust gas recirculation system, or EGR system, works hard to do the dirty work you don't have to think about - reducing emissions. Make sure to maintain this system to avoid rough idling, stalling and even misfiring during your drive time. Find the best valves, gaskets and vacuum solenoids you need for your EGR system only at AutoZone.

Nowadays there are many factors that harm our environment - don't let your vehicle be one of them if it's rolling around with a faulty EGR system. Not only does a faulty EGR system emit harmful particles into our air, but it also makes for a loud and rough ride. Forget the headaches and hassles of shopping around and find the EGR system parts you need at AutoZone. Whether you need a new Ford F-150 EGR system or Ford Mustang EGR systems, you'll find it among the vehicle specific selection we offer.

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