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The hotter, the better, right? This phrase doesn't quite ring true when we're talking about your exhaust manifold. Reduce your engine bay temperature to ensure your vehicle performs at the top of its class with a new exhaust heat shield. Exhaust gasket kits are also helpful when you repair your exhaust system, as every gasket should be replaced anytime you disassemble the exhaust system. Find all of these affordable components at AutoZone.

If you feel excess heat coming from your engine into your passenger compartment, it's definitely a bad sign. Excess heat or rattling could indicate bent, broken or damaged heat shields due to road debris or other elements. By checking out AutoZone's wide variety of replacement parts, you can fix your heat shield, find an exhaust flange kit and pick up any other part you may need to get back on the road quickly. Replace your heat shield and exhaust gaskets today to protect sensitive components from heat damage and to give your passengers a more comfortable ride.

No matter your year, make or model, the exhaust gasket kits and heat shields we stock are custom-designed for your specific vehicle. Whether you need a Dodge Ram exhaust flange kit or a heat shield for Ford Explorer, we have you covered. Take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to get your products today.