SHOP Oxygen Sensors and Exhaust Manifold WITH AUTOZONE

Ensure the exhaust gases file out of your vehicle properly with a premium exhaust manifold. Along with an upgraded exhaust manifold, improved oxygen sensors also keep your emissions within a normal range. If you notice increased emissions or worse fuel economy than normal, turn to AutoZone for a replacement oxygen sensor and exhaust manifold.

Whether you have a cracked pipe, increased engine noise or sputtering from your engine, you may have a leak in your exhaust manifold. To remedy this problem, you can turn to AutoZone for a high-quality exhaust manifold replacement. With an upgraded exhaust manifold, you benefit from better fuel economy, less emissions and no hesitation, stalling or rough idling while driving. In addition to an improved exhaust manifold, you need to upgrade your oxygen sensor to ensure you have a proper oxygen and fuel mixture. Replacing your oxygen sensor also helps with that rough engine idle you may be experiencing. Thankfully, AutoZone offers all of the above to make your repair a breeze.

We understand every car, truck and SUV is different, that's why we stock custom-fit products for your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new exhaust manifold for Chevy Silverado, a Jeep Wrangler exhaust manifold or anything in between, we have the solution for you. Start your project today with our Same Day Store Pickup.