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When your gases are leaking past the piston rings into your crankcase, safeguard your internal combustion engine by upgrading to a top-notch PCV valve from AutoZone. A new PCV regulates this leak and recycles the gas back into your intake manifold. Investing in an improved canister purge is also important when it comes to your emissions control system. Every PCV valve and canister purge component is available at AutoZone for an easy repair.

If you're experiencing a rough idle or if your check engine light illuminates, it might be time to check out a new canister purge valve, PCV valve or PCV valve cover. Upgrading your PCV valve and canister purge can help recycle crankcase gases back to your engine. In addition, replacing these parts helps prevent blown out oil seals and gaskets which can lead to big oil leaks. Avoid all of these major problems by making an inexpensive fix with high-quality replacement parts from AutoZone.

We understand every car, truck and SUV is different and that's why we stock top-notch PCV valves and canister purge valves that are custom-fit to your specific vehicle. Whether you need a new Honda Accord PCV valve or a PCV valve for Nissan Altima, we have you covered. Enjoy Same Day Store Pickup and get started on your repair today.