SHOP Sensors and Relays WITH AUTOZONE

Whether you have the latest backup sensors or only the essential sensors such as air bag impact sensors in your vehicle, they're critical to most every system. Not only is a failed sensor irritating, but it can also be dangerous. Additionally, relays are essential to activating current and opening circuits. If you notice your sensors or relays begin to go faulty, AutoZone has the solution to get you back on the road in a jiffy.

There are multiple systems within your vehicle that wouldn't be the same without sensors and the relays to activate the circuits, in fact - they wouldn't work at all. From wipers and seat belt warnings to automatic lights and backup sensors, the basic components in your ride would struggle with faulty sensors and relays. Your engine running smoothly relies on your vehicle's oxygen sensor within the exhaust, so protect all of your sensors to reap the benefits of a healthy ride. Thankfully, AutoZone carries the high-quality sensor and relays to ensure critical information is relayed and your engine runs at optimal efficiency. When that light flicks on in your dash, you believe a bigger issue has occurred with your vehicle when really you just need a new sensor- get to AutoZone for every sensor and relay solution.

Contrary to products on infomercial ads, the sensors and relays aren't one size fits all. That's why AutoZone stocks top-notch sensors and relays custom-fit to your year, make and model. Restore your smooth daily commute with new sensors for Accord, or ensure your trip to the mountain is hassle-free with new Ford Explorer sensors. No matter your specific vehicle, we carry the product for your repair. Utilize Same Day Store Pickup to grab your parts from your favorite AutoZone store today.