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Whether you're traveling on the highway or just around the corner to the grocery store, your vehicle's high-performance engine deserves maximum power. Upgrading your engine management system (EMS) from AutoZone not only guarantees maximum engine power, but it also ensures the lowest amount of exhaust emissions and the lowest fuel consumption. AutoZone has you covered with the latest engine control management system when it's time to upgrade your ride.

Not getting enough power in your engine can affect your vehicle's performance. If your ride's computer-which is attached to a chain of inputs from a system of sensors on the engine-isn't functioning properly, your EMS can fail and your engine won't receive maximum power. These sensors provide crucial information needed to determine when to establish a spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture, as well as how much fuel to insert into your vehicle. Sensors that compose the EMS include camshaft position, crankshaft position, throttle position, temperature and oxygen sensors, to name a few. With a brand-new EMS, your ride can benefit from a fully functional engine that's sure to deliver all the power you need the next time you hit the road.

AutoZone's wide range of engine management systems is available for specific makes and models. So, whether you want a Ford F250 engine management system or an engine management for Civic vehicles, you can easily find everything you need for your particular ride when you shop with AutoZone. Order from AutoZone online and for added convenience, benefit from our Same-Day Store Pickup option if you need your new EMS right away.