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Vehicle efficiency is great for everyone- you, your vehicle and the environment. If you don't have fresh air injecting into the exhaust stream, your car isn't getting its complete combustion of exhaust gases and reduced emissions. Keep your air pump and your vehicle running efficiently with a replacement air pump from AutoZone.

With a highly efficient vehicle, we know you're a happy driver. Without a functioning air pump, your vehicle can't run as great as it could be- whether your engine is cold or warm, your air pump is working hard to give you the smoothest ride possible. If your engine is cold, the smog pump adds extra air to lean out the mixture and burn off some of the raw fuel. If your engine is warm, the smog pump diverts air directly to the catalytic converter to supply extra oxygen to convert CO to CO2. AutoZone has all the parts you need when it comes time to replace air pumps. Whether you need a Dodge Dakota air pump or a secondary air injection pump for Chevy Camaro, we have you covered.

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