No matter the environment, season or condition your vehicle is in, wear and tear is bound to happen. When your EGR system starts to corrode and break, it's time to get to AutoZone for new EGR system parts. Help salvage clean air that surrounds us and reduce emissions released by your exhaust system by ensuring your EGR system is maintained.

Breathing in repulsive emissions is definitely less than ideal for you and your community. You can help spare everyone's health by maintaining your EGR system with new products brought to you by AutoZone. Your EGR system for Nissan Altima may be failing if you notice a rough idle or stalling when you try to speed up. In comparison, you may need new EGR systems for Chevrolet Impala if you notice misfiring upon acceleration. In either case, AutoZone has you covered - from cooler hoses, to time delay switches and EGR transducers, we have everything you need when it comes time to replace your EGR system parts.

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