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You depend on on your ride to give you a quick startup every time you slide into the driver's seat - don't let a failed solenoid or relay affect this reliability. AutoZone provides you with a large variety of solenoids and relays to ensure your vehicle has the electrical signal it needs to keep you rolling for miles to come.

verything from your starter and fuel injection to your idle control and cylinder deactivation can be affected by just one component - your solenoid. Your solenoid has the pertinent job of turning electrical signals into mechanical motion, so you can't afford the chance of your solenoid going bad. Your EGR, starter system, variable timing control and ECM system depend on the mechanical power your solenoid circulates, so get to AutoZone to find the part you need. When it's time to replace your solenoid or the correlated relays, AutoZone carries the exact product for your ride.

Avoid more serious problems that result from a nonfunctioning solenoid by investing in a high-quality replacement from AutoZone. We stock the appropriate solenoid and relay for your specific year, make and model. Whether you require a new Camry solenoid, a solenoid for Chevy Malibu or anything in between, AutoZone has the quick fix for the job. Start your project today with Same Day Store Pickup.