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Without routine maintenance of your external engine components, you can quickly find yourself stranded on the roadside. From your alternator and oil filter, to your starter and water pump, frequent tune-ups keep these important external engine parts preserved for years of dependable performance. Check out AutoZone's assortment of maintenance tools to take care of your vehicle at an affordable price.

Waiting too long to restore intricate external engine components can result in further damage and costly repairs. These hard-working parts need to be fine-tuned and replaced periodically in order to maintain optimal performance. Preserving your alternator, starter and spark plugs is crucial to keep your ride running smoothly for years to come.

By swapping your worn starter at the first signs of trouble, you can ensure your ride fires up with every turn of the key. Replace your starter with a reliable one from AutoZone and keep your ride roaring down the road for years to come.

Accompany that brand-new starter with a fresh set of spark plugs and guarantee your ride really comes to life. Able to withstand extreme pressure and heat inside the cylinder of the engine block, our brand-name spark plugs are designed to keep your specific make and model from misfiring.

A great way to finish off your external engine overhaul is by replacing a faulty alternator. Giving your ride enough juice to keep your battery at 100 percent, your alternator plays one of the most important parts in vehicle operation. Without an effective alternator, your ride can't run all of its electrical systems at the same time, leaving you with a dead battery and without headlights, radio, power windows and locks.

Find the best replacement parts for your vehicle from AutoZone's extensive selection of external engine components. So, whether you're searching for an external engine for Chevy Camaro or external engines for Honda Accord, you're sure to find the perfect match for your make and model. Stop by your local AutoZone and ask our staff about replacing your external engine components or order from us online today.