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Under-the-hood squeaking is a bother, causing headaches for both you and your passengers for miles to come- unless you invest in belt and idler pulley replacements from AutoZone. Servicing your belts and idler pulleys has never been easier- we're ready to enhance your vehicle's performance quality and get the job done.

Don't let squeaking coming from your belt or idler pulley get the best of your ride. Safeguarding these parts is essential to energize all accessories, including your alternator, power steering, air conditioning, water pump and more. Often times, your belt tension needs to be adjusted via the idler pulley. Other times, your cracked or dry belt needs to be replaced altogether due to inevitable wear and tear after five years or 50,000 miles. Belts should be inspected and maintained before they break, ensuring you aren't surprised with the loss of important vehicle systems such as your power steering. Whether you need a new idler pulley for Chevrolet Camaro or a Dodge Caravan belt, AutoZone has you covered with our wide variety of products.

Not only do we have all the right products, we also ensuring you get the best price around. If you need your part quickly, utilize our Same Day Store Pickup option and start your project today. When you arrive to your local AutoZone, our knowledgeable staff points you in the right direction to get the correct belt or idler pulley for your specific vehicle.