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The correct fuel and air mixture is essential for your vehicle's engine to run at its optimum form. Achieve the perfect air to fuel ratio by investing in a top-quality intake manifold from AutoZone. With our large variety of intake manifolds, you can attain more power from your engine than that OEM intake manifold ever delivered.

Your vehicle requires a few essentials to run at its prime, most importantly fuel and air. Ensuring your intake manifold is able to distribute the proper fuel and air mixture to the engine's cylinders provides your engine the power to run smoothly. In addition, your power brakes, cruise control and other ancillary systems are powered by the vacuum created in the intake manifold. So, when your intake manifold and manifold components require upgrades, turn to AutoZone for the best products on the market.

An intake manifold built for a heavy-duty truck doesn't fit in your compact car, and vice versa. That's why AutoZone carries custom-fit products for your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new Camaro intake manifold, intake manifold for Ford Mustang, or anything in between, AutoZone has you covered. Take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to start your repair today.