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Whether you pump gas or diesel into your rig, one of the best ways to increase your horsepower and torque is by implementing a supercharger or turbocharger. Adding these components to your vehicle provides forced induction, giving you untouched power. AutoZone has the top-quality turbochargers and superchargers you need to unleash the beast within your ride.

Experience increased rigid power and even boosts in your fuel economy by souping up your ride with a turbocharger - or maybe even a supercharger. Due to forced induction, a turbo and supercharger each feed greater quantities of air into your engine, and when mixed with fuel, you experience greater power. If you need a replacement turbo or supercharger component such as a turbocharger actuator or a supercharger coupling, we have it. If you need the whole replacement turbo or supercharger, we have that too.

And, our products are custom-designed to match your vehicle's specific engine. So, whether the job calls for new Dodge Ram turbochargers or a new Chevy Silverado turbocharger, you can count on AutoZone to provide you with the right products.