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Your hot rod is definitely a head-turner, but don't let it catch eyes for the wrong reasons. Turn your rough-running engine into a purring beauty with AutoZone's wide variety of carburetor parts. From the whole carburetor to each individual part, we have what you need to tear up the pavement again.

We know you enjoy ripping and roaring in your classic car or hot rod. That's why we have everything related to carburetors when it comes time to rebuild yours. Don't let stalling and poor fuel economy keep you from the roads- check out the highest-quality carburetor parts today. We have a variety of fully assembled carburetors that are tested to meet OEM specifications. If you prefer to rebuild your own, be sure to maintain every little part with products like our rubber gaskets and carb vacuum springs- every part counts when it comes to your ride.

Carburetors are in your older daily drivers as well, so if you need a Honda Civic carburetor or a fresh Ford Explorer carburetor, check out our assortment. To certify your rebuild is an easy process, utilize our Loan-A-Tool Program. Get your carburetor today with Same Day Store Pickup.