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When pumping gas into your ride, you may not even take a second glance at your fuel cap and fuel door, but these components are an integral part of your vehicle's evaporative emissions system. The fuel cap creates a seal and pressure, while the door serves for extra protection. Safeguard your emissions system and give a clean, finished look to the exterior of your vehicle with replacement fuel caps and doors from AutoZone.

When you take your vehicle to pass the emissions test, the last of your worries should be a faulty fuel cap or door. However, if your fuel cap is indeed faulty, most states fail your vehicle due to it not holding pressure. Prevent this headache and another trip to the emissions center by replacing your fuel cap with a high-quality one from AutoZone. In addition to a new fuel cap, you can find new fuel doors to complete a finished look to the exterior of your ride. Another concern you may have is fuel theft from easy access to the gas tank. Protect yourself and your vehicle from fuel theft with replacement fuel doors and caps from AutoZone.

We understand not every car, truck and SUV are built the same, that's why our products are custom-designed for your particular year, make and model. Whether you need a new fuel cap for F150, Honda Civic fuel cap or anything in between, we have you covered. Plus, you can save the wait with our Same Day Store Pickup.