Nobody likes bad smells - and they're especially concerning when driving. If you smell raw fuel when you lift the hood, inspection of your fuel system is necessary. The smell could indicate a leak in your fuel rail, in which case you need to order top-of-the-line fuel rail components from AutoZone.

The fuel system within your vehicle is a well-oiled machine, but when one component goes faulty, the whole system is at risk of failing. If left unfixed, your bad fuel injector rail could leak and even cause a fire. Prevent this headache and potential danger by installing replacement fuel rails, available right here at AutoZone. We have every injector rail, sensor connector, tube seal or anything in between you may need for your repair.

Also, all of our products are custom-fit to your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new Dodge Caravan fuel injector rail or a fuel rail for Tahoe, we have you covered. Plus, benefit from our Same Day Store Pickup to get your replacement today.