SHOP Fuel Tank and Sending Unit WITH


It's plain and simple - without a fuel tank, you can't go anywhere. On top of that, your fuel tank sending unit relays the amount of fuel in the gas tank to the gauge on your dash. Ensure both of these components stay in working condition with fuel tank and fuel sending unit replacements from AutoZone.

As you drive mile after mile, many gallons of gas filter through your gas tank - so you can imagine how much sediment and debris finds its way into the tank. This can lead to leaks and a malfunctioning fuel system. So, protect your vehicle from these harmful substances by replacing your fuel tank and sending unit when the time comes. AutoZone has every replacement fuel tank, fuel tank sending unit and any other related component you may need for the repair. With high-quality fuel system parts from AutoZone, you can be ready to rev up and hit the pavement in no time.

We understand every car, truck and SUV requires specific designs to match OEM quality. That's why we carry custom-fit fuel tanks and fuel sending units for your particular year, make and model. Whether you need Toyota Corolla fuel tanks, a new fuel tank sending unit for Mustang, or anything in between, we have you covered. Plus, take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to start your project today.