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There are so many factors that contribute to poor atmospheric quality. In a sepia-tinted world like this, find a way to be green by replacing your throttle body unit. Along with making your vehicle more environmentally friendly, maintaining your throttle body system components also provides you with a smoother and more efficient ride. AutoZone supplies every replacement part you may need to restore your serene driving experience.

Whether you want to reduce emissions, increase horsepower and torque or a combination of the two, AutoZone provides you with the top-notch products to replace your throttle body system. Without a functional throttle body system, the proper air/fuel ratio would be offset, and in turn your engine won't run as smoothly as it once did. Serving you day-in and day-out, your throttle body is susceptible to carbon clogs and periodically cleaning it is the best way to maintain the system. When cleaning no longer helps, find a throttle body rebuild kit to get your vehicle running at optimal condition again.

We carry custom-designed throttle body products to fit your specific year, make and model to eliminate installation trouble. So, whether you need a Honda Civic throttle body rebuild kit, some Dodge Ram throttle body units or anything in between, you'll certainly find the right product at AutoZone.