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Though a fuel system gasket may seem like a small part in your vehicle, it actually plays a vital role in the fuel system. Left faulty, fuel can escape from the lines, lose pressure and potentially cause a fire. Prevent this by maintaining and updating your fuel system gaskets regularly with some help from AutoZone, where you can find every gasket necessary for your exact repair.

Made to prevent leaks, your gaskets are definitely a part you need to maintain and replace when necessary. Just like any product in your vehicle, gaskets endure wear and tear over time and can crack, become brittle or pinched. This leads to fuel escaping and results in damage to the vehicle, and worse yet - a potential fire. As soon as you notice wear in your fuel gasket or fuel pump gasket, get to AutoZone for a replacement.

Every gasket we carry is also custom-fit to your specific year, make and model. So, whether you need a Ford F150 fuel system gasket, a fuel pump gasket for Honda Accord or anything in between, AutoZone has your back. Utilize our Same Day Store Pickup option to get your gaskets today.