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Capable of sending even the largest amounts of power by igniting your fuel and air mixture, your car distributor is one of the most important components in your under-hood arsenal. To ensure the most efficient power transfer in your vehicle, maintain and replace your distributor, distributor cap and other distributor components when necessary with help from AutoZone.

A distributor may not seem like it plays a big role in your vehicle, but it really is an essential component to your engine's performance. Whether your car shakes while idling or stalls and backfires when you turn the ignition, you may need to replace your distributor and distributor components. A faulty distributor is caused by typical wear and tear or corrosion that happens over your vehicle's lifespan. Once your distributor and distributor cap deteriorates, the only way to restore balance is by replacing the part completely. AutoZone makes it easy to find the best performance distributor cap and any other distributor products to get your repair job done quickly.

Each distributor component is built to custom-fit every vehicle, so whether the job calls for a new Ford Mustang distributor or a new Chevy Camaro distributor cap, AutoZone has you covered. Utilize Same Day Store Pickup to get your distributor parts today.