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To receive a powerful startup every time you slide into the driver's seat, you first need a high-voltage signal to fire the spark plugs. This won't happen without a properly functioning ignition coil - so, replace yours quickly if you notice it going bad. AutoZone supplies you with high-quality ignition coil replacement parts and other related components at the best price on the market, so you know you can rely on your vehicle to fire up at every turn of the key.

Getting into your vehicle only to realize it won't start up can be a real hassle. Before that concept becomes reality, turn to AutoZone where you can find all the ignition components for the repair job. We make it easy to get your vehicle in running condition again with our wide variety of ignition coils and other related components. Worn out spark plugs can lead to a failed ignition coil - when this happens, AutoZone has you covered. We carry ignition coils to meet OEM specifications, or you can even complement your aftermarket ignition system with performance coils. With ignition coils from AutoZone, it's certain your ride will get the spark energy it needs for a fast fire up.

We understand not every car, truck and SUV is built the same, that's why we stock ignition coils custom-fit to your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new Camry ignition coil, ignition coils for Jeep Wrangler or anything in between, we have it.