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You turn your key over, hear the rumble of your engine and you're off. This process is something you want to rely on every time you jump into your driver's seat. If your ignition switch is faulty, however, the starter relay can't engage the starter and you won't be getting very far. When it's time to replace your ignition switch, AutoZone carries top-quality replacement products to get the job done.

Heat and moisture - two things your vehicle sees all too much of. If exposed to these conditions frequently, your ignition switch can malfunction. If and when this happens, your vehicle won't be able to start. Ignite your ignition system again by investing in premium ignition switches and wiring from AutoZone when yours go awry. After installing new high-quality ignition switches and ignition wiring, you can expect quick fire ups and endless possibilities when it comes to revvin' up your ride.

Not every vehicle is made the same, and that's why we stock custom-designed ignition switches and wiring for your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new Honda Accord ignition switch, ignition switch for Explorer or anything in between, AutoZone carries the right products for your repair.