With your crankcase comes pressure, and this build-up could result in issues if it isn't vented properly. This is how the PCV, or positive crankcase ventilation system, comes into play. With a functioning PCV, crankcase pressure is vented and your engine runs smoothly. When it's time to replace your PCV valve or PCV valve cover, AutoZone has the solution for your vehicle.

When it comes to your ventilation system, not only is venting built-up crankcase pressure important, but it also allows your engine to run in top-condition. A faulty PCV valve could lead to a combustion gas leak which causes increased emissions. New PCV valves from AutoZone ventilate the crankcase pressure and reduce emissions. We make your repair process simple by providing you with top-notch products at the best price. At the first sign of a bad PCV valve, turn to AutoZone for the best gaskets and seals on the market.

Not every car, truck and SUV can use the same PCV valve. That's why AutoZone stocks engine gaskets and seals for your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new Ford Mustang PCV valve, PCV valve for Accord, or anything in between, we have you covered. Utilize Same Day Store Pickup to start your repair today.