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If your engine doesn't turn over as easy as it should be or used to be, it's possible your spark plugs are fouled. If you need to renew the spark within your ignition system, AutoZone is the place to get all the right replacement parts.

Your engine is riding rough - or maybe not even starting at all - the problem could lie within your spark plug if you pump gasoline or glow plug if you pump diesel. Spark and glow plugs are exposed to heat day in and day out, and like anything that gets too much heat exposure, they wear overtime. Due to the heat, you should regularly check your spark plugs about every 50,000-100,000 miles to see if they need replacing. When the time comes to replace your plugs, AutoZone has high-quality products to make your repair job a breeze.

We stock custom-fit spark plugs and glow plugs for your specific vehicle, ensuring a simple repair process. So, whether you need a whole set of new glow plugs for Wrangler or just one F-250 glow plug, we have you covered with everything for your ride. Take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to get your parts today.