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When you're driving down the road, you want to feel truly connected to your ride. You grasp the steering wheel tightly, but you can't quite get that same grip when you press down on the pedal. The best way to maintain that feel is by renewing the accelerator pedal pad. AutoZone carries custom-fit pedal pads in different styles to ensure your shoes don't slip and you safely come to a stop every time you lay the hammer down.

Vehicular wear and tear is impossible to avoid. Your pedal pads see the bottom of your foot every time you drive. Not only does the rubber of your pedal pads gradually wear down because of foot-to-pedal friction, but because of outside elements that make it in, including harsh winter salt. Restore that reliable traction with AutoZone's wide variety of pedal pads. Our selection varies from non-slip foot rests and accelerator pads to durable parking brake pedal pads and tough brake pedal pads.

Whether you need replacement Toyota Camry pedal pads for your daily drive or whether the rough roads call for a new Chevy Tahoe accelerator pad, AutoZone has you covered. Utilize Same Day Store Pickup to get your pedal pads today.