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If you're experiencing abnormal engine noise or increased vibrations, you may have a worn out balance shaft. Luckily, AutoZone has all of the parts you need to repair your engine quickly and affordably. Shop our selection of balance shafts and get back on the road fast.

Abnormal engine noise can be frightening at first- especially when paired with vibrations. This is often indicative of your balance shaft is going bad. Fortunately, AutoZone has every part you need for the fix. Balance shafts are necessary in V6 engines to eliminate internal vibrations caused by natural imbalances in the design of cylinder layouts- they rotate in the opposite direction and at twice the speed of the crankshaft to cancel out secondary-order vibrations. As you can see, a worn balance shaft can really create a headache from vibrations- stop all the noises by replacing your faulty balance shaft. When your timing belt service is performed, your balance shaft has probably bit the dust too- it's time to replace it and enjoy a smoother ride.

Whether you need a Nissan Titan balance shaft replacement or a Camaro balance shaft, AutoZone is your one-stop shop when it comes to buying the correct part. Enjoy our products with Same Day Store Pickup to receive your part today. Check out our Loan-A-Tool Program to ensure you have all the right tools to finish the job quickly.