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Your engine block plays a vital role - without it, your engine and every other moving mechanical part can't perform to their best ability. Though it's extremely rare for the engine block itself to fail, not servicing it or exposure to freezing temperatures can cause it to crack. Additionally, your engine block products, such as oil pan gaskets, oil pump and rear main seals, are prone to wear and tear. When your engine block or engine block components go faulty, AutoZone has all the replacement parts necessary.

Making a framework for your engine and other engine components, your engine block supports a large part of your engine's system. Most commonly, engine blocks break if you throw a rod, causing it to smash through the block itself. In this unlikely, but dangerous event, repairing your engine's system is a necessity. To get all your replacement parts for that repair, come to AutoZone. With us, you can find high-quality products such as short block repair components or full engine block components for the best price on the market.

Whether you need a new oil pump for Chevy Tahoe, a fresh Ford F-150 crankshaft or anything in between, AutoZone has your back. To alleviate any hassle, check out our Loan-A-Tool Program which ensures you have every tool necessary to get your job done right. Take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup.