Just like you, your ride thrives when it receives the adequate amount of air for the most efficient combustion and unrefined performance potential. This is made possible through a high-quality intake system which pumps airflow to the engine, allowing it to run smoothly. When the time comes to replace the intake valve or other replacement intake parts, AutoZone carries the components you need for the job.

If you crave gut-wrenching power and performance, look no further than AutoZone for upgraded air intake systems. Although the intake system is a simple design, it plays a vital role in engine performance - so ensuring every component works is essential to maintaining your vehicle. A faulty intake system can lead to poor running engine conditions and can cause stumbling, hesitation or stalling under acceleration. Avoid this hassle by investing in upgraded intake parts from AutoZone.

We understand every car, truck and SUV is unique, that's why we stock a wide variety of intake manifold control valves and other intake replacement parts. Whether you need a Corolla intake valve, a new intake manifold gasket for Chevy Malibu or anything in between, AutoZone has you covered. Plus, start the installation today with Same Day Store Pickup.