SHOP U-Joint, Drive Shaft and Differential WITH


Your drive shaft plays an integral role in your vehicle, efficiently transmitting power from the transmission to the differential and eventually to the wheels. Maintain your driveshaft, differential and U-joints by keeping up with frequent fluid changes and servicing the system when the time comes. AutoZone makes this process a breeze by providing you with every drivetrain system component you need to go full-speed.

Several components transmit power to the wheels, including the drive shaft, differential and U-joints. The differential has several small components that tend to wear down when exposed to excessive temperatures - components like differential rings, pinions and gaskets. And, although it isn't often, eventually universal joints do need replacing.

When it comes time to service your vehicle, AutoZone carries every custom-fit replacement part for your drivetrain system. So, whether you've been off-roading and need replacement Jeep Wrangler U-Joints or your repair job calls for a Chevy Tahoe differential, AutoZone will get you back on the trail. Take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to get your part today.