AirLift Air Suspension Load Leveling Kit 60702

AirLift Air Suspension Load Leveling Kit 60702

Part # 60702
SKU # 820087

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Part #60702
SKU #820087
Maximum Load Rating1000
Compressor IncludedYes
Bellows MaterialHeavy duty urethane
Part #
Maximum Load Rating
Compressor Included
Bellows Material
Heavy duty urethane


Air Lift adjustable air helper springs level your load, and give your truck, van, or SUV a safer, more comfortable ride. Air springs are easy to install inside the existing coil spring with common mechanic’s tools. Just add air when towing or hauling a heavy load, and reduce air pressure when unloaded; they are fully adjustable for a great ride. Air Lift air springs eliminate sag, sway, and bottoming out. They are made with rugged, durable components for long, reliable service. Air Lift 1000 kits are designed to: add support to rear springs on many popular SUVs; replace OEM front air springs on P-30 motor homes; provide front end support for snowplows, winches, etc.; improve muscle car traction for drag racing; and improve ride and handling for full-size vans and trucks with front coil springs. Air adjustable with quick connecting, easy-to-use air fittings, Air Lift 1000 air helper springs have a typical max pressure of 35 PSI on cars and SUVs, and 90 PSI on motorhomes.

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    Rugged durable components including air springs and all hardware
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    Easy to install with included instructions
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    Installs inside coil spring to eliminate sag and bottoming out
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    Fully adjustable air springs level your vehicle when towing or hauling a heavy load for a safe comfortable ride