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1-16 of 16 Results


      Coil Spring Booster

      Give Your Vehicle's Coil Springs Extra Boost

      The suspension on your vehicle does more than make your ride comfortable, though that is important. Your suspension system determines how much control you have over your vehicle behind the steering wheel. The springs are an integral part of your vehicle's suspension. They allow your vehicle's wheels to shift up to absorb bumps, including speed bumps and uneven road surfaces. This function helps you steer more effectively and responsively, and it also eases the teeth-grinding jolts you and your passengers would otherwise experience. If your vehicle's springs are weak and worn out, give them new life with coil spring boosters. AutoZone stocks the best coil spring boosters for cars and trucks.

      The Best Coil Spring Boosts for Your Vehicle

      Coil spring boosters make up for sagging, weak springs, and there are several types available. The first is a screw-in style comprised of twisted metal with a 1/2-inch square head. Another type is a spreader, which has a set of square plates with areas for the springs and expands with long bolts. A third type is a simple round rubber insert that supports weak springs but does not restore lift. Another type for the rear springs only is a small air bag that boosts height according to its internal air pressure, acting as a sort of air shock. The final style is a rubber spreader about three inches long. It is rectangular and snaps into the coils of the spring. If you need coil spring boosters near me, stop in at your nearest AutoZone for a great selection of quality boosters. If you are not sure about which type works best on your vehicle, just ask.

      Suspension Problems?

      There are several signs that the springs in your suspension are weak. If one side of your vehicle is higher than the other, check out the springs. This situation affects steering, braking, and accelerating. Boosters give your springs new bounce. Another indicator of weak springs is uneven tire wear. If, during routine checks, you notice one front tire has more wear than the other, examine the coil springs, which is a common cause of this problem, though not the only one. While driving, if you notice increased vehicle bounce and bottoming out over bumps, these are also symptoms of weak springs. If left unchecked, undercarriage destruction commonly results, such as damage to oil pans and drive shafts.

      Great Parts at Value Pricing

      Boosters support your springs, which extends the life of critical systems and parts, increases driving comfort, and provides improved vehicle control. If you are not sure which type of booster works best for your car or truck, our helpful staff offers advice as well as general maintenance tips. AutoZone has the lowest prices on coil spring boosters around, and our wide selection makes it easy to find the right booster for your vehicle. Stop in today or shop with us online.