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Turning your wheels isn't as simple as just turning your steering wheel. There are several parts that enable this process to work. Your rack and pinion is a vital component that helps convert the motion of your steering wheel into turning your wheels. When it's time to restore the smooth drive you love, find the replacement rack & pinion for your vehicle at AutoZone.

Maneuvering your vehicle is nearly impossible without every small component that makes up the steering system. If your car has a rack and pinion steering system, you benefit from a more direct steering feel. On the flip side, the system is not adjustable, leaving you with a full replacement job when the part wears overtime. Regularly check your steering system to avoid a complete overhaul by maintaining your rack and pinion. No matter if the job calls for a complete rack and pinion, or just for the bearing kit or seals, you'll find everything you need at AutoZone.

AutoZone carries custom-fit parts for your specific make and model, no matter if you need a Toyota Camry rack pinion or a new rack and pinion for Wrangler.