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If you're ready to put an end to that bouncing, jolting and unruly driving experience, AutoZone is the perfect place to find replacement shocks, struts or coil springs. We carry numerous trustworthy brands that deliver only the best components to add to your suspension system. Restore your smooth drive again with top-grade suspension components.

When even on the flattest roads feel like you're on the bumpiest terrain, it's time for new shocks, struts or coil springs. Don't put up with a rough ride that body rolls and nose dives when braking - replace your struts and shock components every 50,000 miles. Luckily, AutoZone carries the highest quality suspension parts to help you restore that driving experience you once loved. We stock everything from complete shocks and struts to coil springs and mounting hardware, so whether your repair job is minimal or a bit bigger, you'll find every product you need to get it done right.

Maybe new F150 shocks, or some Dodge Ram shocks are in your future - no matter your year, make or model we have the perfect product for your vehicle.