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Get to know Adam LZ's RTR Mustang, currently in pro competition with Formula Drift

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Precision performance

AutoZone is proud to sponsor the RTR Mustang with Pennzoil, Type S, Optima, and NGK

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Want more horsepower?

With a little attention to your intake, brakes, and other systems, you can have it. Here are some of our favorite upgrades.

Understanding Cold Air Intakes

More air can equal more power. Learn more about this relatively simple performance upgrade with our guide.

Real-time performance readings

Learn how you can utilize aftermarket gauges to enhance, update, and improve the information you get about performance while driving.

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Performance parts are any replacement products that are not original equipment (OE) replacements and are intended to increase horsepower, handling, or stopping capabilities of a vehicle.

The most common performance upgrades to vehicles are bolt-on or plug-and-play products. Performance modifications include parts like air intake kits, cat-back or axle-back exhaust systems, and tuners/power programmers.

There is a variety of different ways to get additional performance out of your vehicle. This is primarily done by providing more air and/or fuel, as well as cooler temperatures to the motor.

The majority of performance products will increase the horsepower of a vehicle over what is provided from the original equipment (OE) manufacturer. Our vendors spend a large amount of resources engineering and testing products to ensure an increase in horsepower is being provided to your vehicle.