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Made to protect and guard against outside contaminates, valve covers are instrumental products that allow your engine to run smoothly. Overtime, it's a guarantee the high temperatures in your engine bay will deteriorate your valve cover. When the time comes to replace your valve covers or upgrade to a performance valve cover gasket, AutoZone has the right part for the job.

Your engine is a complex machine, with several valves that open and close at specific intervals and require new valve covers every so often. Valve covers protect the cams, lifters and valves from the harmful elements of the road and keep the internal engine well-oiled. Whether you need a valve cover replacement to simply get back on the road or you want to add flare to your ride with an aftermarket valve cover, AutoZone has the right valve cover for your vehicle.

Every car, truck and SUV is different, that's why we stock premium OEM quality valve covers to custom-fit your vehicle. Whether you need a valve cover for Camaro, Ford Mustang performance valve cover or anything in between, AutoZone has your back. Plus, take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to start your repair today.