There's nothing like the hum of a well-tuned engine that greets you every time you turn your key. Frequent tune-ups keep your intricate engine components in sync and running smoothly for years of dependable performance. Check out AutoZone's high-quality maintenance tools ensure superior engine performance that's designed to last for the long haul.

A malfunctioning engine usually occurs when a cylinder casting cracks due to pressures created by friction or temperature change. You should be able to determine symptoms of a deteriorating engine so you can avoid the hassle of replacing it with a new one.

If you see steam emanating from your engine, it's likely to be damaged due to the fact that your pipes, radiator or gasket are leaking. Another sign of motor issues is if your engine leaves behind an oil patch after being parked. If your engine overheats, you could be facing a cooling system failure, which could lead to warped metal components or a damaged engine. Also, if you notice smoke coming out of your engine, this could be a result of defective piston rings, valve problems or a poor air-fuel mixture. You can keep your vehicle's performance effortless and efficient with quality motor components from AutoZone.

Stop by your local AutoZone or shop online to find the perfect upgrades to ensure top-notch engine performance. AutoZone supplies a wide range of products that are exclusively designed for your make and model, so whether you're searching for replacement engines for Ford Ranger trucks or a Honda Civic engine, you're guaranteed to find the perfect match when you check out our extensive selection. For added convenience, utilize our Same Day Store Pickup when you order online.