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Imagine running late for work, jumping into the driver's seat of your ride and attempting to turn your ignition when you feel a rigid vibration followed by the silence of a stalled vehicle. Several parts work hand-in-hand to make sure your engine starts promptly with every turn of your key- a failed crankshaft only means problems and many late days to come when your vehicles refuses to start. AutoZone has the performance crankshaft you need to ensure a responsive ignition and help you get where you need to be exactly when you need to be there.

Stored within the engine, a performance crankshaft is the part that causes your wheels to turn and push your vehicle forward. Pistons attached to your crankshaft move down with each explosion from the cylinders, rotating the crankshaft to keep constant and controlled movement. With the immense amount of pressure placed on your crankshaft daily, it's important to be cautious of a number of problems that can arise if the part fails. A cracked or seized crankshaft causes vibration in your ride as well as problems turning the engine. AutoZone not only stocks performance crankshafts but also nuts, spacers and engine rotation adapters to safeguard your engine while allowing full movement potential to get your wheels flying on the road. Choose from our wide selection of performance crankshafts to not only ensure years of optimal performance output, but to also protect your engine from unnecessary force.

As a vital part to the daily function of your engine, it's important to select the right performance crankshaft for your vehicle's specifications. From a Ram performance crankshaft to a performance crankshaft for Silverado, AutoZone has the parts you need with the helpful advice from experienced staff that understand the value of top performance. Stop in store to chat with our experts and pick up your order when you shop AutoZone online and select Same Day Store Pickup.