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Valves and seals are main components to your vehicle running smoothly - the rocker arm is an imperative part within your vehicle's valve train that's responsible for opening and closing the valves. With help from AutoZone, ensure you have a high-quality rocker arm to make sure air is taken into the engine and exhaust is released - providing you with increased horsepower.

You can treat your ride like a baby from day one, but it's inevitable that your rocker arms can be subjected to wear and tear over years of use from striking metal pieces in your engine. When this happens, you may hear ticking or clanking from the cylinder head, which can indicate your rocker arm has seen better days. Depending on the size of your engine, you may need to replace several rocker arms to restore your vehicle back to its premium condition. Also, take caution with your oil levels and quality - low or dirty oil can contribute to unnatural noises coming from the rocker arms. AutoZone has the quick and affordable solution to worn components with a high performance rocker arm for your specific vehicle.

As with nearly every car part, a Mustang performance rocker arm or rocker arm for Chevy Camaro can't fit your compact car or big rig. That's why AutoZone carries custom-fit rocker arms for your specific year, make and model. Start your project today with Same Day Store Pickup.