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Your vehicle relies on the proper air and fuel mixture to run at its prime - and your valves provide just that. Allowing air into the engine cylinders and pushing exhaust gases out after combustion, a valve certainly plays a large role when it comes to vehicle performance. Don't avoid replacing pertinent parts like your valve and valve covers, get to AutoZone at first sign of failure to ensure your vehicle maintains top-driving condition.

Just as the valves within your heart allow blood to pass, the valves within your vehicle allow air to pass, resulting in a smooth ride. As you might imagine, without the valves opening and closing at the right time, high performance isn't possible. When you leaks begin to appear, it's definitely time to replace the valves and valve covers in your vehicle. As the size of your engine varies, the number of valves differs too - you may even need to replace up to five valves per cylinder for your high-performance engine. Though this might sound complex, there's no need to worry - AutoZone makes engine maintenance hassle-free and affordable at the same time. So, when it's time to replace any valve or valve cover within your engine, turn to AutoZone for a simple resolution.

Depending on the year, make and model of your ride, the valve and valve covers you need varies. So, whether you need a Camaro performance valve cover, valve cover for Ford Mustang or anything in between, AutoZone has the right product to get your vehicle back on the road in no time. Plus, utilize Same Day Store Pickup to start your repair today.