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Don't wake up the neighborhood at the crack of dawn because of your noisy engine - AutoZone has the solution your neighbors can appreciate with our wide variety of mufflers and exhaust systems. When it's time for a new muffler or exhaust system, AutoZone has the right products to reduce noise levels while simultaneously increasing power and performance.

There's no doubt about it, internal combustion engines are loud, but even the engine in a typical family sedan is loud enough to disturb passengers and fellow drivers. Mufflers are the last stage in the exhaust system before your exhaust tips where exhaust gas exits, so you want to make sure yours is performing in top condition. Mufflers reduce sound levels, but they also cause backpressure in your exhaust system, which makes your engine work even harder. Decrease backpressure with performance mufflers from AutoZone. We carry everything from performance exhaust mufflers and resonators to exhaust system kits and catalytic converters. Whatever problem you're experiencing, AutoZone can help.

We understand that a product made for your compact car isn't going to fit that big rig sitting next to you. That's why we stock custom-fit exhaust system components to your specific year, make and model. Whether you need a new Chevy Tahoe exhaust system, a performance muffler for Mustang or anything in between, you have your back. Plus, utilize Same Day Store Pickup to start your project today.