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Poor fuel injection in your ride is like a lazy catapult - a poor amount of effort won't get you very far. The many components of your fuel injection system, paired with the right mixture of fuel and oxygen create the power necessary to move your ride. Lucky for you, AutoZone carries the right fuel injection parts to keep the stalling at bay and your ride out on the open road.

Fuel and oxygen are the key ingredients that keep your engine rumbling, but the slightest imbalance can greatly affect the overall performance. Fuel injectors are the muscular movers in charge of releasing just the right amount of fuel into your intake manifold, combusting with oxygen to create engine power. A proper functioning fuel injection system means fewer emissions from the tailpipe and less money spent at the pump with increased fuel economy. Failing injectors can lead to multiple issues - from heat soak and misfire codes, to your ride becoming completely unresponsive. Replacing your worn out components with new fuel injection parts from AutoZone keeps your ride as feisty and powerful as ever without having to fork out serious cash.

With great fuel injection comes great responsibility, so the component in a Smart Car clearly won't do the job in restoring fuel injection for a Ford Explorer. AutoZone has the custom-fit parts you need, whether it's a single Camry fuel injector or a complete fuel injection kit for your work rig. Get your motor running today by ordering AutoZone online and choose Same Day Store Pickup.