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Whether you're looking to unleash the beast caged within your engine or need to improve your daily driver's fuel efficiency, your throttle takes you from zero to 100 in a flash, but can also help save you money at the pump. As king of your rig, you have full reign over the force that surges through your ride when you hit the pedal. Upgrade your set up with a new throttle body from AutoZone to boost airflow and let the hidden horsepower run free.

Don't let the lag in your engine keep you from tearing up the open road. Improving to a new throttle body injection or TBI system can be an easier and more efficient way to boost your ride's power. This system utilizes injectors as the fuel body pumps petrol, while the throttle body controls your vehicle's air flow. A new throttle set up not only means a faster response, but also boosts fuel efficiency as precise amounts of fuel are being injected into each cylinder. AutoZone helps you release the full potential of your engine with everything from high-quality throttle sensors and bolts to throttle body brackets and adapters, all custom-fit to your ride.

Every car, truck and SUV uses a TBI system unique to its own conditions. From a throttle for your Chevy Tahoe to an F150 throttle body, AutoZone has the top-notch throttle products specific to your own ride and driving style. Summon the roar of your engine today by ordering AutoZone online and choose Same Day Store Pickup to get started on your project right away.