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With the vast amount of reactions that can occur with the turn of your key, it's important that every part is doing its specific job to maintain the longevity of your engine. The coolant tank is vital to keeping your engine filled with the precise amount of coolant needed at any given moment. A low coolant level from leaks in your tank can result in an overheated vehicle - get to AutoZone for a replacement coolant reservoir to beat the heat and ride with confidence.

A coolant tank acts as a regulating component to the excess coolant that's produced from the heat in your engine. As the warmth rises, coolant expands and overflows into the coolant reservoir and is then sucked back into the radiator as your car cools down after shut-off. Your vehicle relies on your coolant tank to readily accept the excess coolant with each cycle, and a crack or leak means constant replenishing and the possibility of overheating your engine. AutoZone is here to help you keep your cool with a selection of coolant tanks with trusted name brands to ensure lasting performance.

From a Ford F-150 coolant reservoir to a coolant tank for Jetta, AutoZone has the part you need to keep your engine happy at the opportune temperature. You find a wide variety of custom-fit products along with the correct components, such as installation supplies or a return kit for your new coolant tank at AutoZone. Grab your new tank today when you shop AutoZone online and select Same Day Store Pickup.