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It can be a real bummer if your check engine light illuminates during a commute or even worse - a long road trip. Thankfully, AutoZone is here for you when you need help with diagnostics and to ensure you have the proper repair tools for the job. Find the specialty tool, tester or kit for any repair job at AutoZone.

There are several systems within your vehicle that require the use of specialty tools in the event of a breakdown - air conditioning, brakes, wheel hubs and bearings, fuel delivery, body trim and electrical systems to just name a few. Relying on AutoZone is a no-brainer for the proper tools and testers. We have the right antifreeze testers, radiator flush kits and anything else you can think of. In addition, if you need a tool but don't want to buy it, check out our Loan-A-Tool program. Don't get stuck without the proper tool or kit - turn to AutoZone for everything related to specialty tools and kits.

Repairing a particular system in your vehicle without a specialty tool could be a hassle, or even impossible. So, whether you need a Jeep Wrangler antifreeze tester, radiator flush kit for Volkwagen Jetta or any other antifreeze testers and flush kits, AutoZone has the solution. Order today and utilize Same Day Store Pickup to grab your parts and tools today.