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If your vehicle isn't getting the necessary spark to combust fuel and air mixture in its cylinders, you probably can't feel that trigger within your ignition anymore. Renew that igniting surge by repairing or replacing the ignition system in your ride with help from AutoZone. We have the necessary products to make your ignition spark and keep your engine roaring for miles to come.

Your ignition plays the significant role of starting the combustion process and keeping your engine running in your ride. There are several pertinent components of your ignition system including the battery, ignition coil, distributor, control module, wires and spark plugs. If any of these parts turn faulty, your ignition can't work properly - thankfully AutoZone has the high-quality performance ignition parts you need to restore the rev in your engine. We stock everything from spark plugs and electrical wire connectors to power programmers and kill switches, so you can rely on AutoZone to restore you ride back to its original condition.

Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, we understand you need different performance ignition accessories. That's why we stock a variety of custom-fit components for your specific year, make and model. You may need a new Camaro performance ignition, ignition for Ford F150 or something else entirely - no matter the vehicle, we have you covered. Restore your ignition system quickly with Same Day Store Pickup.